Never mind the birth of a son back in 2004, this week confirmed to the world that yes, David Letterman actually has sex with women. And women from his show, no less, who for some strange reason, are attracted to the charming, multimillion dollar, showbiz legend, funnyman. So some jealous douchebag tries to extort Dave for $2 million and the press goes crazy. Joel explains why this is no big deal, how even assholes like Leno get laid off their fame, and why politicians and clergyman should be held to a higher standard than a TV comic. Also, Joel can recommend two films this week, the new comedy Zombieland and the months old District 9, both screened at a recent trip to the drive-in. Find out what makes District 9 a sci-fi classic, who should get Oscar consideration and which film has the greatest cameo of all time – a scene that Joel manages to keep spoiler-free. Plus, an Emma Stone jerkoff filmography, Detroit sports suck, Kitty sits in on the show, and an update on TV’s best comedies.
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