The summer movie season is in full swing and Joel and Corey Hall have checked out some of the latest offerings including Christopher Nolan’s WWII drama Dunkirk. Trying to figure out the best format to watch the thing in was more confusing than Nolan’s Inception, but ultimately the guys drove a little farther for a “premium” experience and have their full report on the film itself and the best way to see it. Is this as good as everyone says? Listen and find out. Also, the latest Spider-Man movie is insane with the in-jokes and references. Joel thinks it’s distracting from the experience overall while Corey just can’t wait for Spidey to graduate from high School. Plus, Joel returns to the Planet of the Apes and has a full review of that new film, Corey says The House needs a makeover, and Ed Sheeran joins Game of Thrones – ruining the verisimilitude of a show that has a topless woman commanding dragons.


Corey takes Batman to the beaches of France at Dunkirk