Joel Radio welcomes the return of both Corey Hall, and after a longer delay former show announcer Rob Rose. They picked a great time to come back, as Joel tells one of the wildest, funniest road stories ever. It’s so shocking Corey can’t believe Joel told it – and that’s really saying something. What’s it about? We’re not saying, but let’s just say listen to the show before you run out to grab lunch, ok? Also on this show, Corey takes a steamy RV trip of his own, the latest from the Douchebag Hotline, Joel apologizes for Harry’s last appearance – and Harry checks in to defend himself. Plus, Corey on Spider-Man, Rob on Savages, and minor league soccer drives Detroit’s hipsters wild. This is an all-time great show! listen and enjoy!



Believe it or not, the unassuming fries on the left are the likely culprit for Joel’s misery