Joel Radio welcomes comedian Ted Moss back to the podcast. Ted was previously heard on his Broke N’ Road Comedy Tour and he’s back to discuss the successes and failures of that tour, what the comedy scene is like in other towns, what it’s like to sleep in an RV with another guy and more nonsense. The guys discuss comedy classes becoming real-life arguments, Joel’s guitar inspiration, and what happened when Ted tried to give Joel a “free” piano. Ted’s a nut and he can bullshit with the best of them – he’s perfect for this show. Also, Joel talks about seeing Ed Sheeran in concert, but he doesn’t talk as much as Ed did at the concert. How much chatter is too much? Hear Joel’s Springsteen impression for a comparison. Plus, Burt Reynolds dies and leaves a legacy of beer, blondes and sports cars, John Mayer gets spotted in Chicago,  Jack Ryan is more entertaining, implausible Tom Clancy bullshit , but Joel will tell you when his BS became real. And a movie review of A Simple Favor – shoulda been called “Gone (Again) Girl”.


Yes, Ariel Winter, old Burt Reynolds skeeves us out, too