On this episode, Joel recaps another Gathering of the Juggalos, including him finally getting some good press for a change. The big takeaway is probably the crime, or lack thereof, at the 2017 festival site in Oklahoma City. Joel details the eight people arrested and what they got pinched for, and compares it to recent arrests at concerts and festivals around the world. It’s an eye-opening look at what is a feared and misunderstood event and why the good people of Oklahoma couldn’t separate the truth from the hype. Joel will also tell you the worst state to drive in, how to make peace with a not-so-kind-in-the-past reporter, and why Colorado is the new Florida. Also, the movie called Detroit came out this past week and it’s not very good. Hear where the filmmakers went wrong and find out why the Detroit riots of 1967 is a story that deserved better. Plus, how to get (or not get) all the podcasts you want – just cough up some dough and download three or four apps, Corey Hall reviews The Big Sick, HBO’s Defiant Ones is worth a look, and the fans chime in on the best and worst movies of summer.


These may or may not be actual images from this year’s Gathering