In what has become the Super Bowl of the Joel Radio podcast, Joel and Corey pick the the 2012 Assholes of the Year. The AOTY is not merely an award for doing something bad – it an award for excellence hypocrisy, deception, duplicity, meanness and a failing to do what is right. In some cases, these folks are respected and revered by the public, but Joel and Corey lift the veil of phoniness to let you see the real jerk-offs inside. There’s some real doozeys this year too, including shady CEOs, insidious political hacks, sinister celebrities and other people we can all agree really suck. Then there’s those you might think are alright, but they’re not! Some of the world’s biggest do-gooders are just as phony and wicked as the rest of the dickheads on this list, so be prepared to be outraged – or you just might agree! Either way, this is a 2+ hour tour-de-force podcast filled with the funniest, most vitriolic humor you’ve ever heard. It’s sure to get you in the Holiday spirit – especially if you hate the holidays.



So many qualified choices for 2012! Who will it be?