Joel welcomes “young” comedian, radio DJ and good guy Ed Hunter to the podcast. Ed and Joel have known each other for a while, but Ed’s role in a major American historical event – the funeral of President John F. Kennedy is fascinating. Ed shares his story of being a precocious child and writing to the Army bugler that flubbed the playing of “Taps” at Arlington National Cemetery. That letter would become a memento of that sad occasion that would find Ed his fifteen minutes of fame some fifty years later. It’s an amazing, uplifting story that is in stark contrast to the divisiveness in Washington today. Speaking of Washington, Judd Apatow has some wise and funny observations about Trump, the internet and the election that Joel found enlightening. Also, feedback to the last few podcasts, Joel says Jackie is a good watch for JFK history fans, and the terrifying Oscar-worthy PBS documentary Command and Control can be seen right now. Plus, La La Land and Lion are really good, the Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds documentary is weird, and the new OJ documentary is OK, but last years OJ stuff was so, so much better.



The young Ed Hunter, Army bugler Keith Clark, and Ed today (in much nicer studio than Joel’s)