Joel Radio welcomes John Tenney to the panel for the first time in a while. John was present at the recent live show disaster¬†and reminisces with Corey and Joel about how bad the show was, the etiquette of heckling, and how the venue really failed the show. From there it’s a grab bag of stuff including, Joel’s story of his Italiain heritage (which includes a donkey), John doesn’t like the look of digital TV, Corey hates 3D, and a new Cheetos flavor gets rave reviews. Plus, Joel does a big show and gets booed for a great joke, a rundown of the E3 video game conference, and the economics of comedy – what it takes to hire a headliner and why John is looking to do so.



John gets friendly with Upchuck tha Clown, but oh, those cuts…………….