Some shows are released, others escape. That’s what happened with this recording of Joel Radio’s recent live comedy show at O’Mara’s in Berkley, MI. It’s a poor enough start with the club unable to dim the room lights and leaving the background music on to fight with the comics’ PA. Joel makes a genuine effort with some new jokes before bringing up the entire line-up of the Comedy Castle show from across town. Still, with little audience, Kevin McPeek turn his spot into a workshop, Dwayne Gill brings his “A” material to a “D” room, and Tom McCarthy reminiscences about open mikes past – sharing a hilarious story about the legendary Club Bart show. The bombs keep getting dropped with Joel Radio’s own Cory Hall, comedy student Jim VanHavermaat, and a returning Esther Navarez. A debuting Jonathan Jude gets a big intro from Joel but can’t keep it going, and his buddy Jeff Thomas tries his best but can’t seem to remember his material. You’ll also hear the lovable Larry Marino go down in flames, and Avery Sommerfield has a new biggest fan in John Tenney. Through no fault of the comedians, this is easily the worst comedy show ever committed to podcast, so enjoy it if you can, listen if you must, but let’s never, ever do something like this again.



Comedian Dwayne Gill wishing he was somewhere else. Not unlike the audience!