Joel Radio is the first(?) podcast to have a complete review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In fact, it’s so complete it’s almost as long as the movie! Don’t worry – there are NO SPOILERS – for 20 minutes anyway, and then there’s a METRIC TON OF SPOILERS after that, so maybe listen to a little before and the rest after seeing the movie. Joel and Corey Hall compare the actual film to last show’s hopes about it, break down what works and what doesn’t, describe the nerdy scene at the theater, and generally whoop and holler about all things Star Wars in a post-George Lucas universe. Also, find out the characters that don’t work at all and why one character’s weight gain is especially hilarious – it’s not who you think! Whether you loved or hated the movie, there’s something for you on this show, ¬†and its eventual sequels.



Joel can’t bear the sight of the nerds in the Star Wars line – and we’re pretty sure that’s just a bathrobe¬†