There’s tragedy everywhere on this week’s Joel Radio. Robin Williams passed away this week and Joel and Corey have their memories of his amazing career, including Corey’s interview with him on a movie junket, and Joel being mocked by Robin on a podcast just a few years ago. The guys also recap his stand-up and movie work from the brilliant The World According to Garp and The Fisher King to later misfires like Flubber and Bicentennial Man. While lauding his wit and creativity, the guys also discuss Robin’s well-documented joke thievery – a fact, but still overshadowed by his tremendous success and personal largesse. The also discuss depression, Joel’s personal stories about the affliction and why it’s too simplistic to say that all comedians are depressed. Also, hear Joel’s awful story about a high-school screening of Dead Poet’s Society and why he’ll never see the movie the same way again. Plus, Joel and much of Metro Detroit are affected by recent floods, John Tenney calls in to promote that he’ll soon have something to promote, the internet changes stand-up comedy, and finally some respect for the ladies of The View – well, some of them anyway.