On this show you’ll hear the comedy debut of show friend Rob Rose. While Joel believes no one’s first attempt at stand-up comedy is indicative of any future success or failure, it is safe to say that Rob’s debut is highly entertaining for all the wrong reasons. Listen as you’ll hear the several-month-old recording of Rob drunkenly stumbling through a set that includes a potentially offensive (yet hilarious) opening line, references to comedy “greats” from the past (Judy Tenuta!) and crowd work so inept it might be described as the comedian heckling the audience. Still, when you consider the nearly empty room, the inebriation of the performer, the lack of preparation and the assholery of Joel and Corey in the audience, it all adds up to an extremely entertaining good time. Besides, Rob is a good sport and he gets more serious comedy advice from Joel and Corey in the studio including lessons learned from the greats (like Dave Attell), like how to make your comedy sound natural, how to deal with success and failure and how to not look like an open miker on Facebook. It’s good solid comedy advice, after some well-deserved ball-busting on this show. Also, Corey reviews Iron Man 3 which leads into a summer movie preview including end of the world movies that look alike, a return for Superman, and why everyone claims to love The Lone Ranger, even though almost nobody seen it. Plus, reaction to the Boston bombing, podcasts the guys like, and why, after several months, it must be said that the Doritos tacos have failed – sorry Taco Bell.



“It’s like when Judy Tenuta first picked up the accordian!” – our thoughts exactly