Joel Radio kicks off 2014 with it’s annual in-depth look at the state of television. While it’s not so much the best and worst lists – though Joel and Corey have those – it’s more a look at the state of television today, the different way people are viewing it, the audience’s expectation of TV in 2014 and where it’s going. Don’t worry – there’s dick jokes, too! The guys breakdown the best late-night shows segment-by-segment to see who has the best monologue, interviews, bits, musical guests, etc. There’s true winners and losers, too. Sorry, Jimmy Fallon. Also, a look at the original series on streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. The guys will tell you the best and the worst, including one with a Bill Murray cameo! Plus, Joel tells you what’s wrong with sketch shows and which one gets it right, Corey can’t say Breaking Bad is bad, and Joel discovers the new American minority that’s ripe for reality TV exploitation – sorry Cajuns! A two-hour powerhouse show. Listen before you watch!




Gather ’round kids! Amy’s doing a sketch about vagina size!