The topic of joke thievery has been covered extensively on this show. Joel even made peace with Carlos Mencia back on show #159. So when Amy Schumer, comedy’s newest superstar, was accused of joke thieving this week Joel decided to put together a blue ribbon panel to investigate. Due to unforeseen circumstances, that panel ended up being only Joel and fellow comic Corey Hall. But it turned out OK, as both Joel and Corey have had jokes stolen from them, and genuinely hate when it happens. But is there more to it? Is this just an Amy Schumer backlash? Who are the guys coming up with the accusations? Hear the jokes in question and the guys’ verdict on the whole thing on this show. The results might surprise you. Also, Glenn Frey died this past week, and after the giant Bowie tribute last show, some words deserve to be said – well not by Corey. Hear the debate about if The Eagles were actually any good, Joel’s personal playlist of stuff he likes that’s worse than The Eagles, and Bruce Springteen’s lovely tribute to Glenn which Joel was lucky enough to see in person. Plus, Making a Murderer is just another paranoid conspiracy, local TV has Joel making friends and freezing his ass off at the zoo, and a local comic gets his big break on national TV – even though you heard him here first.



This took a goddamn long time to do in photoshop – hope you laughed!