It’s time for everybody’s favorite show – the Assholes of the Year for 2013! This podcast’s annual celebration of villiany, bad behavior and self-serving dickery as selected by your hosts, Joel Fragomeni and Corey Hall. It’s quite a list, too, filled with sleazy politicians, money-hungry CEOs, idiotic actors and even a few “regular” people! Anyone can be a giant asshole! While the choices aren’t necessarily unanimous among the hosts – and you probably won’t agree with all of them – there’s a lot of passion on display here. And it’s not just a list of names, you’ll hear exactly which dirty deeds were done in 2013 and how that could affect the your choice of people to vote for, the place you choose to eat dinner, or the celebrity who’s latest movie or TV show you might choose to watch. Of course, this show is done for laughs, and there’s plenty, but Joel and Corey would like to think you’ve got it in you to hate these people as much as they do. As the last show for 2013, it’s two plus hours of your favorite podcasters doing there favorite thing in the world – calling out assholes in the most asshole-y way possible. A perfect end to 2013. Listen and enjoy.



Actually, not everybody pictured was chosen as a top 10 asshole, but you’ll have to listen to find out who was! No spoilers!