You can’t say you’re not a nerd when you write a page and a half written diatribe about the Star Wars saga – a review of the previous films and a preview of the new one coming out. That’s exactly what head nerd Joel did for this week’s podcast, sharing his thoughts with fellow geek Corey Hall, dissecting what they love, hate and everything else about Star Wars. From the excellence of the original trilogy’s design to the awful acting of the prequels, hear the good and the bad, like which two characters ruin the overarching plot of the series, why Darth Vader ceases to be a bad guy in Jedi and why everyone became a lizard after a certain point. The guys also make predictions about the Force Awakens including what review score they’d be happy with, the various characters that will or won’t appear, and the awesome plans they’ve made for a screening and podcast review. Also, Joel’s scary Charlie Sheen update, “experts” say Bernie Sanders will become president, see ya Scott Weiland, and a Big Bird documentary that will make you cry. Plus, Bill Murray’s holiday special falls flat. Find out how big stars, good musicians, and a ton of hype made for this year’s great entertainment disappointment – until, perhaps, The Force Awakens.



Corey in his domain with a mini R2-D2 in one hand and Joel’s Star Wars manifesto in the other