Comedian Ted Moss returns to sit in with Joel and tells him everything he knows about comedy. Unfortunately, much of what what Ted has to say is wrong, at least according to Joel. When should comedians introduce new material to their act? How should you approach an open mike at a club versus one at a bar? It’s a spirited debate where there are no right or wrong answers, with the only possible conclusion being that both guys are sure the other is wrong. Also, Jon Lovitz and TJ Miller perform at the Comedy Castle and Joel has reports on both shows. Turns out, people enjoy seeing celebrities. Who knew? Plus, Ted’s internet dating history is a comedy of errors (hear Joel’s way more limited experiences too), early Oscar contenders A Star is Born and First Man get reviewed, and you’ll find what happened to Corey on this show but it’s not much of a surprise if you’ve been paying attention for the last thirteen years.


You’ve made it in show business when the dog gets the green room to himself