The last show of 2017 sees lots of holiday spirit as Joel and Corey Hall fight over a movie that critics loved and the audience liked far less – no, not Star Wars (but they get to that), instead it’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Joel found the characters unlikable and the film boring, while Corey thinks the allegorical message and fine performances made it stand out. It’s a classic argument, but one to consider if you’re into seeing the Oscar-bait movies that come out this time of year. Also, Joel sees Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show with some A-list company but braved a terrorist attack and snowstorm to do so. Plus, a road update from Ted Moss on his tour through the south, including Joel embarrassing him and Bill Reno in Savannah, Georgia, The Disaster Artist gets reviewed, and more Star Wars coverage at the end of the show. Hear how the guys nailed all the controversies before they even started and how those controversies will impact the future of the franchise.


This image is more entertaining than the film, says Joel anyway