Joel Radio #273: That Celebrity Stink

After celebrating the death of Larry King, Joel returns to celebrate the death of Rush Limbaugh! Joel runs down all of Rush’s failings and scandals and tells his tale of being invited to hang out at a “Rush Room” in the 1990s. He also details all of Limbaugh’s progressive and positive ideas for the United States and its citizens – yeah nothing at all in this column! Zip! FU RUSH! Rest in Hell, dickhead. Plus, Layla joins for TV and movie reviews with Oscar darling Nomadland, Framing Britney Spears, and the bizarrely funny Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar. Plus, Hotel Cecil is Netflix true crime at its most ridiculous, Larry King cuts out his wife, and which celebrity does Layla thinks stinks? We mean she met him and he actually stunk! Listen to find out.

Larry clutches onto his will as his wife attempts a chokehold in his last living attempt at assholery

Joel Radio #272: The King Is Dead, Finally

Joel hasn’t reveled in a celebrity death for a while, but he’s not missing out on dumping on Larry King, one of the most famous and absolutely worst interviewers in history. Joel tells you how Larry didn’t prepare at all, and had no follow up questions for his guests and generally sucked at his job. Joel also details how Larry reveled in his callers’ geography, hit on old starlets, and was divorced multiple times including recently when he was in his 80s! He also uncorks his Larry King impression – “Dubuque, Iowa, you’re on the air!” – much to the dismay of Layla who sits in on this episode. Turns out Layla got the COVID vaccine and tells how she’s doing as do many of Joel’s family and friends who check in as they’ve had their shots. Spoiler warning! They are all just fine. Plus, tons of movie and TV reviews including One Night in Miami, the amazing In & Of Itself, WandaVision, the creepy Relic, the fun parlor game of The Hustle, and the documentary that should have been called Tiger Woods vs The Booty Bitches.

Joel Radio #271: The New Radicals

On this show Joel follows up on the problems distributing the COVID-19 vaccine, and why it’s important to figure how to get it right now instead of later. He also talks about the folks that stormed the Capitol Building in D.C. and why you should figure out what your Mom, Dad and Uncles are up to on the internet. There’s a grim reality to the show’s open, but it lightens up as Layla joins Joel to discuss some of the Oscar season films like the excellent Promising Young Woman, Herself, Sound of Metal and more. Hear Layla try to describe the plot of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – it’s hilarious! Plus the good documentaries Tread, Wild Card, Time and much more.

Thought it was better to post the band from Ma Rainey rather than those idiots from the Capitol – Joel

Joel Radio #268: How To With Joel and Jason

After eight long months away, Jason Fylan-Mares returns to the show for the first time since Movie Mania 2020. Jason’s stayed busy producing his own comedy shows, performing, and doing something Joel has not dared to – going to the movies! Joel details how he voted this year, going against long-standing convictions with a specific goal in mind. He also skips tons of stuff on the ballot, too! Find out which races he can’t be bothered with and why the American Solidarity Party will have to wait another four years to (possibly) get Joel’s vote. Plus, tons of TV reviews, including the brilliant How To with John Wilson, Soulmates, The Undoing, the finale of Lovecraft Country, the very funny Intelligence, and the completely bizarre advertainment of John Bronco on Hulu. At the movies, Jason takes in Tenet, Joel says to skip Bill Murray’s On The Rocks, and The Opening Act is very true to the life of a stand-up comedian but still isn’t very good.

Hey Sofia Coppola! I fixed the title of your new movie – Joel

Joel Radio #266: Wanna Buy a Watch?

Podcaster and (retired) comedian Ted Moss, returns to the studio to tell Joel about how lockdown has been treating him and not unlike Joel it’s been challenging. Both guys talk renovating their kitchen with limited funds and Ted’s clever scheme that may or may not work. Joel bemoans the government’s response to comedy clubs closing, his own unemployment situation and why most “solutions” do nothing to combat the virus. Plus, more love for Fargo, Ted loves Catastrophe, Class Action Park is as crazy as it sounds, Seth Rogen makes the worst movie of the year, and why Joel and Ted should just start a band already.

That picture isn’t Ted, but you get the idea

Joel Radio #265: The One-Way Aisle of Life

Joel returns with comedian Bill Hildebrandt in studio. Bill details his first comedy gig in months – outside no less – and how he’s dealing with COVID-19 by going the right way down the aisle at the supermarket, even if it feels wrong. Joel and Bill talk going to Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and why you should go there, too. Joel reviews Irresistible, Palm Springs, Host, and I Used To Go Here. One of those is really good! Plus, more memories of Corey Hall and a special, never-before-heard bonus segment where Corey interviewed the great George Carlin back in 2004.

Bill’s right. This is lame and protects on one.