This week’s show is completely wacky. Guest Harry Artin Berberian returns, and he’s got a brand-new rap/parody single called “Change That’s Loose”. It’s a knock on Obama, which, nowadays, may help him get some play in the Midwest. What’s Joel’s verdict? Listen and find out! Also, Joel’s quick TV debut on Detroit 1-8-7, Jackass 3D in all it’s glory, and the cider mill has some strange new clientele. Plus, meet Randy, Harry’s buddy, who’s a descendant of Daniel Boone, and looking for love on the internet in 2010. He’s also Harry’s personal trainer, which is about as fun as it sounds! A weird, wild, and hilarious good time!
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Yes, that’s Joel on network TV! From Episode 4 of Detroit 1-8-7. This was NOT shot at the cider mill…