It’s the dawning of a new era in late night TV as Jimmy Fallon takes over the Tonight Show. The critical mass has been largely positive on the shows first few episodes, but can Jimmy Fallon win over card-carrying Leno-haters Joel and Corey? Joel’s thinking no, as the kiss-ass interviews and lame party games are sure to deflate any discerning viewers interest,  and Jimmy’s lack of comedic teeth will soon make the show as dull as any number of daytime TV’s talkers. Corey sees some light on the horizon, but is more happy about Leno’s ouster than anything else. Hear their hard hitting criticism, including Joel’s twitter play-by-play that was so scorching the mainstream media picked up on it. Also, Emma Stone may or may not be nude on the internet and the guys pour over paparazzi bikini pics to do some comparisons – even more expert analysis! Plus, podcasting’s technical details explained by Joel, if you hate coffee you’re a commie (according to Corey), and looking at people’s ex-girlfriends is a total blast and how you can do it yourself.



This games of charades was as funny as it looks. Thanks, Jimmy.