It’s a always a fun show when John Tenney stops by. With his recent Bigfoot hunting and conspiracy-exploiting lectures behind him, John joins the guys to announce a new project. It’s a retro cartoon show and the first episode is embedded below. Find out John’s hopes and dreams for the new project and reminisce with Corey about his previous brush with underground fame (it’s actually pretty funny). Joel’s not left behind in the fame sweepstakes though as his small, uncredited, but crucial spot in the Judd Apatow-produced The Five Year Engagement hits screens. Joel has the full story of his involvement with the film, his “extra” pool discovery by the director and tells why he hadn’t promoted it earlier on the show. Also, the value of entertainment is evaluated as Joel thinks Blue Man Group is over-priced, Corey hasn’t jumped at the under-priced Beach Boys reunion, and Joel spends big bucks for Springsteen in Chicago. Plus, Corey says The Dictator should be overthrown, Dark Shadows is worth a look, and Joel’s night with George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars.


John Tenney’s latest venture. Look for many more episodes soon (or maybe not!)

And finally….

Corey as Chris Merman! We couldn’t resist!