They say “If you can remember the ’80s, you weren’t there”. Actually, they say that about the ’60s. No matter, as guest John Tenney remembers the ’80s and tried to bring back some of that feeling to a recently middle school dance where he was the DJ. As you’ll hear, John’s choice of ’80s dance-floor filler flopped with the kids – but the teachers loved it! Hear Joel, John and Corey’s memories of the dances of their youth and hear the songs to which the podcasting stars of the future would touch their first tits. Also, Bruce Springsteen tells dirty jokes for charity and he might have been drunk! Listen for yourself and decide. Plus,¬†Corey hangs with Gilbert Gottfried and talks SNL (of the 80s!), Panda cookies are delicious, The Hobbit should go back in his hole, and much much more on this fun, nostalgic episode of Joel Radio.



You can totally picture John Tenney in this scene, can’t you? No? Then go listen to Bruce tell jokes (below)