Joel Radio welcomes the return of John Tenney to the show. John talks how crappy science won’t stop the hunt for Bigfoot, a entire Thanksgiving dinner of hors d’oeuvres, and the singles scene at local bars – handjobs in the stairwell! Also, Joel’s “mystery record” reveals on of rock-roll’s greats doing the worst dong ever, the discussion goes to the worst recording ever, with Bill Cosby, James Brown and especially Van Morrison getting nods. The guys roar with laughter as Van the Man improvises tunes about ring worm and Danish, deliberately hysterical for an oh-so serious soul singer. Plus, a fan sends a predictable Xmas present, how you can get Joel and Corey and John to Yellowknife, the Beatles’ sons and how they’re doing, and how to look like you’re not losing your hair.



Van says “YOU’VE GOT RING WORM”!!!!!