The holiday tradition continues with the annual Assholes of the Year show for 2014. Joel and Corey Hall list the biggest hypocrites, liars, jerks and evil-doers of the year. These are diverse lists from the world of politics, entertainment, sports and wherever one could excel at assholery.  From the ebola scare to Korean hacking to criminal cover-ups, there’s been a lot of bad behavior this year and it’s all exposed by Joel and Corey. You may not agree with all the picks, and Joel is especially nervous that some will disagree with his top pick, but there’s a little something for everyone on this show. Find out which pick that Corey has actually met in real life, who Joel actually likes but is still an asshole, and who is really responsible for the Sony/North Korea/The Interview hacking scandal. It’s a really funny show, except when it isn’t! There’s real debate and real emotion, so fire up the yule log and be glad you’re not them – here’s to an asshole-free 2015!