It’s a different format on this episode, as Joel sat down with comedian Collin Moulton for a casual, Sunday afternoon talk about comedy, life and whole milk. Collin and Joel met a few years ago on the road and developed a fast friendship over clowns, jiu jitsu and comedy. So when Collin made a recent spin through Detroit, the guys got together to watch a Lions game, a UFC show and eat Taco Bell. It’s a fun conversation filled with inside comedy anecdotes, tips on performing and strategies for making a podcast successful – not that Joel takes his own advice! While this talk was recorded a few weeks ago, the upside is that Collin now has his own podcast for your listening pleasure. Don’t worry, Joel helped just enough to get it up and running, but not enough to ruin it. Enjoy!



Collin is pictured here onstage and not beating up a clown