Joel attends opening night of the new Star Wars movie and reviews it along with comedians Kevin Kramis and Josh Bowab. Turn out the guys liked it overall, even if they weren’t all that hyped to see it. The review is *spoiler free* for the first 18 minutes or so – you’ve been warned! Joel rips Kevin for peeing at THE most inopportune time, the guys try to figure out the geography of the Star Wars universe, and why Lando was hitting on that one chick. Joel thinks its a fine Star Wars film with plenty of cute stuff, some questionable CGI, and a bit of fan-service that is 42 years too late. Nothing to get upset about like Last Jedi, anyway. It’s one of the least-disappointing films this holiday season. Go see it!

Here’s Babu. The breakout star of this film. The Babu/Baby Yoda buddy film can’t be far away