The Jedi Council re-convenes for a review of the latest Star Wars movie: Solo: A Star Wars Story. Joel, Corey Hall, Josh Bowab and new member Paul, an artist and lifelong Star Wars fan, break down the latest film which was a plagued production with a director switch and a rush to release. It’s actually pretty good, say some on the panel, with the filmmakers nailing the feel of the original trilogy with it’s style and humor. The acting is pretty good, too. It’s not all great, however, as there’s a few cringe-worthy scenes and some logical leaps which hindered some of the Council’s enjoyment. The guys also break down the Easter eggs, references and surprisesĀ  – and there are plenty. There’s a lot of laughs on this show, too! And the first twenty minutes are spoiler-free! Plus, Joel watches The Last Jedi again and dislikes it even more this time. If you like Star Wars, you’ll love this show.


Good artwork, at least!