Joel Radio is now your source for LIVE news. Of course, that’s only live when the show is being recorded – for all of you listening, it’s way in the past! Still, it was a very good time following the story of a 6-year-old boy who magically took to the air in a home made helium balloon. Never mind that a human could not survive in a helium-rich environment, or that a craft of that size could not possibly have the lifting power required, but it was fun watching America’s newscasters lose their shit over a silly story like this. For the record, they found the little bastard in the attic hiding after the show wrapped. Speaking of kid’s adventures, Corey Hall phones in his review of Where The Wild Things Are, a magical, beautiful and potentially divisive film that opens this week. Short version: take your girlfriend or pretentiously artistic friends, but leave the kids at home. Plus, America shrugs as Pam and Jim get married, The Amazing Race is anything but, and new video games reviewed without ever being played!
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Our hopes of this being a great story are as deflated as the baloon in this shot (from Reuters)