In the spirit of the season, Joel Radio proudly welcomes back it’s resident Grinch in the form of movie critic and comedian Corey Hall. Corey was inspired by Joel’s list of “Biggest Assholes of 2009” from a few weeks back, and has come to announce his own list. It’s quite a list, too, as Corey’s got plenty of venom for crooked politicians, sleazy bankers, and humorless comics. And Corey’s GF can be happy, as there’s more than one philanderer on the list – family values are alive in 2009! Also, Joel and Corey’s list of best and worst films of 2009, including discussions of Avatar, Up In The Air, the glut of animated fare, and much more. Plus, find out why Joel’s list of a-holes almost got amended to include last year’s YouTube phenomenon, and it’s not Susan Boyle (or her mustache).
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