Jay Leno finally decided to do his first “sit down” interview about the late night debacle. And even though Oprah Winfrey was chosen as the host for said interview, Corey Hall found the event worthy enough to sit in on the playback. Listen as Jay weasels his way around various question concerning Conan’s ratings, Jimmy Kimmel’s insults, and how he loves the make-up guys. If you thought Jay was a douche before, just listen to this! Also, Joel and Corey have the full re-cap of Conan’s last week, and why Jay’s show may never be the same. Plus, Joel’s memories of attending Conan’s show, The iPad debuts to a collective shrug, and the biggest bombs in TV history dissected. It’s a fun, fast, 90-minute must-listen show. Enjoy!
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Corey pays his tribute to the genius of Jay Leno