Joel Radio is proud to present a real-life “bar” open mike show, recorded live and without edits at O’Mara’s Irish Pub in Berkley, MI. Joel is the host and opens with several minutes of fresh material written specifically for the night. He riffs on the Sochi Olympics, The Lego Movie, the Oscars and perhaps most successfully, pitches his idea for a new reality show, one that might help him actually get laid. It’s risky material, and some is so new it’s practically read right off the page, but it works, mostly. Except for that Girls joke, which bombed, but is still funny if you watch the show. You’ll also hear a similarly unrehearsed set from Corey Hall, who while every bit successful (or unsuccessful) as Joel on the night, clearly spent exactly no time actually writing his stuff down. Also, show favorite Mike Lundy returns to the stage and does what he does best – getting laughs, recent show guest Samantha Rager does some sit-down comedy, and Michael Babbish and Allen Smock team up to play Battleship with jokes, which ends up being exactly funny as it sounds. Plus, Dan Brittain arrives fresh from comedy school, Marty Smith proves that crazy old men can still write pretty good jokes, and lots more terrific comedy sets from Michael Geeter, Zach Stein, Ron Lutze, Amit Jain, Esther Navarez, and AJ Rice. Perhaps most importantly though, you’ll hear the comedy debut of Nino Brown, a young man who has a krunked-out, English-language defying delivery that is either the worst or the funniest thing that you’re ever likely to hear. Listen as Nino roasts the room, hampered somewhat by the fact that the targets of his jokes can’t seem to understand what he’s saying. After years of hearing wild stories from Joel and Corey about open mike comedy shows of the past, here’s a chance to experience one for yourself from the comfort of your own home or car, no cover charge required.



Joel’s comedy set and running order for the show. A clash of handwritten chaos and word-processed brilliance