With apologies for the last show (even though some of you enjoyed it), Joel and Corey Hall return. Speaking of crap, Corey gives an in-depth review/hatefuck to John Carter – a new film that proves that 100 years is too long for fans to wait for a film adaptation. Also, Joel dislikes some recent home video releases including one of Corey’s faves from 2011. It’s not all bad though, as the guys both love Jeff, Who Lives at Home, a film that cost less than one CGI Martian from John Carter, and is showing in about 1/10th of the theaters – thanks, Hollywood! Also, Joel deletes annoying Facebook friends while Corey doesn’t have the stones, our fans hate Harry Artin, and the slow death of stand-up comedy in Detroit. Plus, the prospects of The Hunger Games being a hit seem as high as Jennifer Lawrence’s tits.

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